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Moulds / Cast forms

Finest digital model designing and precise numerical milling (CNC) allows Viktor-Art Tech, together with its experienced crew, to manufacture even the most complicated moulds (cast forms).

Real model after passing a 3D scanning process is being digitally adjusted / corrected. At this stage we have ability to adjust dimensions, add additional elements, surface smooth and even merging with another virtual object. An ideal negative (mould) is created after virtually submerging the model in solid mass.

Technical department Viktor-Art Tech will choose the best milling parameters for your mould based on the material it’s going to be made of.

Materials used: wood, glued wood, plywood, fiberboard, laminated fiberboard, artificial materials, polymers, PVC, Plexiglas, Perspex, laminated CPL, laminated HPL, Styrofoam, aluminum.

Milled form precision goes even up to +/- 0,01mm in relation to the original model. It will allow our clients to create ideally thorough copies in further casting process.

Viktor-Art Tech cooperates with both private cast workshops and big manufacturing companies. We produce non-turning moulds for glass factories, big-size forms for fusing glass and moulds for complicated elements used in car transportation, maritime and aircraft industry.