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Wood milling Aluminum milling Cast forms milling 3D scanning

Wood milling

Viktor-Art Woodcarving Studio with over 20 years of experience in artistic woodcarving together with technical division Viktor-Art Tech want to present you one and only offer on the European market.

Aluminum milling

based on designed or laser scanned 3D models.

Moulds / Cast forms

Finest digital model designing and precise numerical milling (CNC) allows Viktor-Art Tech, together with its experienced crew, to manufacture even the most complicated moulds (cast forms).

3D scanning

Experienced Viktor-Art Tech crew extended it’s services to laser and structural 3D scanning.

Viktor-Art TECH

It’s a technical division separate from Viktor-Art Woodcarving Studio.

Experienced crew and wide range of woodcraft machines guarantee high quality product manufacture. Thanks to the right combination of creative designing and modern technologies we achieve products with both esthetic values and perfect details.

Use of advanced designing software and proper numerical milling machines with 3D capabilities allow us to comprehend and handle a variety of our client's demands.

3D scanning expands our services by giving us the ability to create a digital model of an object, process and adjust the data in our 3D designing software and build it thorough our upgraded copy using CNC technology.

Our 3D milling-copy machines are capable of multiplication of any object based on existing real models which means that every copied object is identical to the original.

Main material used in our company is wood and its substitutes (plywood, fiberboards, chipboard, etc.)

Our scope of services:

- Wooden models milling,
- Wooden objects milling,
- Aluminum objects milling,
- Aluminum or wooden casts forms milling,
- Laser 3D scanning,
- Bright light & structural 3D scanning at client’s location (objects even up to several meters),
- 3D prototyping,
- 3D engraving in wood or aluminum,
- 2D cutting.

Wide range of materials we work with:

Wood, glued wood, plywood, fiberboard, laminated fiberboard, artificial materials, polymers, PVC, Plexiglas, Perspex, laminated CPL, laminated HPL, Styrofoam, aluminum.

Milling range:

x = 1600 mm
y = 2200 mm
z = 400 mm

Positioning precision: 0,002 mm