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Wood milling

Viktor-Art Woodcarving Studio with over 20 years of experience in artistic woodcarving together with technical division Viktor-Art Tech want to present you one and only offer on the European market.

Thanks to the most recent 3D scanning technologies (laser, bright light & structural) we are able to create a virtual model of almost any real object: sculpture, clay model, foam form, etc.

Viktor-Art Tech and the group of experienced technicians, specialized in designing and 3D milling, are able to handle even the most sophisticated challenges presented by our clients. Advanced 3D designing software allows us to adjust formerly scanned objects (dimension change, shape change, surface smoothing, adding additional elements) or create an entirely new model based on technical drawings.

Mechanical milling of previously prepared 3D models is being conducted on variety of CNC (numerical) milling machines with precision up to 0,01mm.

Our milling scope consists of:

Final product is being delivered directly to our clients or it’s being used in further wide scale production process which takes place on 12 spindles milling-copying machines. It gives us the ability to recreate objects in all 6-axis (full 3D) and every manufactured object is identical to the original.

Those semi-finished products are then being handed over to our artistic division Viktor-Art Woodcarving Studio for hand finish process by Polish sculpting artists. Hand carving gives our products unique characteristics, originality and esthetic values that cannot be achieved even by the finest CNCs. Our products are being appraised for their quality and craftsmanship in several countries in Europe and the world.

Frezowanie drewna na podstawie zaprojektowanych, lub laserowo zeskanowanych modeli 3D. Frezowanie drewna - rzeźba Frezowanie drewna - rzeźba Frezowanie drewna - rzeźba